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Doranne Alden is a professional graphic designer and artist, and her preferred painting medium is watercolour. She enjoys working on various subjects and is mostly inspired by the colour of the composition rather than the subject matter itself. Her works have appeared in several exhibitions in Europe, both solo and collective over the last 25 years. She has also published photographic calendars, posters and postcards on Malta.






Alden Caruana






Artist, art tutor, graphic designer & fine art photographer

is a professional artist, art tutor, graphic designer and fine art photographer whose medium of choice is watercolour. She currently lives in Malta, but has also worked and lived for several years in Germany. Her career in the art world spans over 3 decades.

 She says of her art: “I am still as passionate about my painting as when I first I started attending art school at the age of 14. My work is vibrant and bold and I like to think that it is a reflection of my personality and philosophy on life. I firmly believe that, as Matisse once said, 'There are always flowers for those who want to see them.' While her main subject is still life, Doranne often paints Plein Air or off photographs which she has taken herself. “My work is a culmination of all my artistic skills – my graphic design experience helps with my choice of composition and colour, my photography is used as my sketchbook, and my art tutoring as a constant development of my artistic knowledge and painting skills. I believe that you should never stop learning and that if you do stop your work will stagnate and die.”

 Over the years both foreign and local media have greeted Doranne Alden’s work with positive acclaim – her work has been referred to as ‘little jewels of art’ by the German newspaper the ‘Ammersee Kurier’; while in Malta, Marika Azzopardi coined the epithet ‘warmth and mouth-watering mellowness’ for her fruit (pears) in the ‘Weekender’ the culture section of ‘The Times’ a Maltese newspaper. Doranne’s paintings form part of several private collections in Malta and overseas. She is represented internationally by Asgard Art Gallery in London, Art 2 Art Gallery in UK and also The Harn Gallery in Hong Kong.

She has also been published in the prestigious publication by APS Bank, Malta entitled '2 Generations of Maltese Artist Families'. 

Her work has been also been published in the international art magazines - The Artist Magazine, The Leisure Painter (article) and also in the Artsit and Illustrator.




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